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Collecting used clothing at various Clubs in and around the Yorkshire area


We weigh and pay on the day!

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Who are C4CC?

C4CC provide a free fundraising solution to various clubs in and around Yorkshire.

We collect, weigh & pay for your unwanted clean and wearable clothing, paired footwear handbags & accessories turning unwanted items into cash 4 your local club.

From one bag to a car boot full there really is no limit! the more we weigh the more we pay!  

We kindly ask that you use your own bags, such as bin liners or carrier bags to help aid our recycling efforts and help reduce the flow of unwanted clothing entering our landfill sites. 

Did you know! Approximately 3% of household waste is made up of textiles, and it is estimated that more than 1million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill each year???

Remember every kilo counts & payment is always on collection day so it's never been as easy to turn your unwanted clothes into cash for your club.

We cover the whole of Yorkshire & Surrounding areas.

Call 1 of 2 dedicated numbers to speak to a member of the team.

01226 391773 / 01422 357432 

Three Easy Steps to Success

  1. Register your interest through this site or via Facebook
  2. A member of the C4CC team will call to talk you through the process and a date & allocated time slot will be agreed for the collection vehicle to be despatched to collect, weigh and pay for the bags of collected clothing & accessories. 
  3. Personalised flyers with a date, time & location will be delivered for you to hand out to members of your club. This free fundraiser is so simple to organise and with evening & weekend collections our specialty it really is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Why C4CC?

Clothing & footwear collected will go overseas to be given a second chance of life and give local people there access to quality affordable used clothing in less affluent areas.

Cash 4 Club Collections now pay a fantastic 40p (£400 per ton) for Clothing, footwear & handbags as well as a bonus 10p (£100 per ton) for mixed accessories.

We kindly ask for clean wearable clothing and paired footwear that still has a good bit of life left in them, they will be put to good use and worn again overseas. 

Our Objectives

  • Be first choice for club collections
  • Reduce Landfill 
  • Support local Charities with the work that we do
  • Provide footwear for African Schools
  • Raise £1000's for local clubs & community's through Cash 4 Club Collections.